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Some funny experiences as we ventured into Peru!

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Since leaving Australia there has been not much time to sit down and write a blog - and that is because there is so much to see and do. We have had some very fun times and made a few mistakes, but overall it has already begun to shape up into being an excellent holiday.
When I think about what I should write, hundreds of things come to mind. Everything I have seen has been fascinating. For the moment, I will just share a few experiences we've had so far...

Crossing the Border.
After leaving Santiago by bus, and travelling for around thirty hours up through Chile and the Atacama desert, we arrived in Arica, where we left the bus to find our way to the Chile/Peruvian border. We had a few directions from my aunt, and a few different instructions from a helping Chilian, and we left the bus station with our massive collection of luggage to go find a different bus stop that had taxis. After walking down the street, and having many eyes turned our way, both because of our different appearance and our riddiculous luggage, we found the International Bus Terminal, where we were to take a taxi to the border and cross into Peru. As we entered the terminal, we were flocked by taxi drivers, all keen to give us a lift. It was crazy. One man latched onto my sister's bag and started taking it away to the taxi. As she tried to explain that we needed to get money out, we were all shepperded into the taxi. The taxi and its driver were grand! The taxi was a big old American car that seated three in the front on the bench-seat-thingy and had a boot big enough to somehow fit all of our stuff. So, all the Fleetwoods, and all their stuff, were taken out of Arica to the border. Our taxi driver was very kind and knew what to do, he sorted out all our passport and visa stuff and showed us where to go and what to do. We made it out of Chile and cruised onto the next stop - entering Peru. Here we passed through customs. As we put our luggage through the scanner we noticed that the watching customs officer was sitting, reading a newspaper and singing along to the radio. It was funny, because Australia was much more strict. We entered Peru with no problemos and sailed along the road towards Tacna, where we would leave the taxi and catch a bus to Nazca. Cruising along the road was very interesting because there were no seatbelts and the speedometer didn't work so we had no idea how fast we were going. But the radio worked excellently and we bobbed along to beautiful Salsa music.
This was an absolutely excellent experience. It was very humerous for me and I was glad to have made it into Peru with no worries!

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Getting Ready

Setting up a blog.

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I have never blogged. But then again, I have also never been overseas. It must be a time of 'news' and 'firsts' in my life.
I am preparing to leave behind my cat, my couch and my country... I am flying out next Sunday - the fourth of July.

I will miss all my friends, and I have already promised to write postcards to all of them. That's a lot of address not to loose, a lot of stamps to buy, and a lot of postcards to zoom over the Pacific. I will try my best to send everyone a little reminder that I exist, but I'm told that the postal system where I am heading is not so reliable - and some mail may not reach its destination.
To make sure that all my friends remember who I am, and to remind them that I exist, so that when I return I don't get a lot of blank stares and "Oh you...!"s and "Alice! I forgot about you"s I've decided to keep a blog. This way, I won't have to write annoying e-mails to everyone telling them whats happening. This way if you want to catch up on my adventures, you can read my blog.

I can't promise it will be funny, and I can't promise it will be good writing - after all I will be missing out on 3 months of English, but I thought I'd have some fun and do something new - and blog my trip to Peru.

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